Authentic Italian flavors come to life at Tosca Italian Gourmet - explore our delectable menu and savor culinary excellence.
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About Us

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We Create Delicious Memories

Tosca Italian Gourmet is an Italian bakery located in The Woodlands, founded by the Schiavo Family in December 2021. We propose a path of authentic and genuine flavors created with Italian excellences. We offer unique and refined flavors suitable for all palates.

So Sweet, So Good, Sure to Bring Smiles

To create delicious memories, you can start by planning special meals or events that involve your favorite foods. 

Try delicious new foods and cuisines. Exploring new flavors and dishes can be a fun and exciting way to create new memories and experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

Menu of Tosca Italian Gourmet is based on traditional Italian recipes. Italian food culture is very diversified and made of thousands of different combinations of the same ingredients depending on regions and local traditions. At Tosca we have been inspired by traditions and re-invented new recipes. For instance, Arezzo focaccia, although is made with authentic Italian ingredients, is something invented by Tosca Italian Gourmet.

Tosca wants to recall the amazing landscape, wine and food traditions of Tuscany. Tosca Italian Gourmet does not only offer Tuscany products, but Tosca is the final summary of our values.

Tosca Italian Gourmet is a family-owned bakery. Marija Sretenovic Schiavo, President of Tosca Italian Gourmet, and Romina Marchisio, Store Manager, are responsible to keep the premium quality of our products. We don’t have a Head of Chef/Baker. Tosca Italian Gourmet is proud of having an incredible team working with passion every day. We are continuosly looking for new talents.

Arezzo sandwich, made with truffle and ricotta cheese, premium quality San Daniele Prosciutto Crudo, arugula and extra virgin Italian olive oil. Pistachio croissants and sicilian cannoli are also very much appreciated by our clients as they are a symbol of Sicily. Nonna-cake is the most wanted cakes.

Breakfast: breakfast sandwich and croissant served with Italian Coffee (cappuccino or espresso) Lunch: focaccia sandwich and pizza 

Dinner: lasagna and meatballs with a glass of selected Italian wine 

Moreover, we offer special dinner menu to propose a unique Italian experience in private events. We could also offer special and customized menu for business or family events. The Supervisor Chef Marija Schiavo and the Store manager Marchisio Romina will take care of any special request.

Schiavo family lives in the Woodlands and they feel being part of the local community. That’s why they wanted to bring Italian food culture in the area, where it’s not easy to find authentic Italian cuisine. After almost 1 year, we are very happy of the choice and we are grateful to the local community to recognize and appreciate our effort. We have many customers who live outside The Woodlands and who travel a long way to visit us. So we decided to meet their requests. And this is how, after just over a year, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be opening two more locations. The first will be at 17823 Longenbaugh Dr., in Cypress (in May) and the second at Pine Market Plaza in Montgomery (in September).

Our ambition as a bakery is to combine the simplicity of the Italian traditions with the finest Italian ingredients.

Tosca Italian Gourmet is well connected to local community. We are proud to support local manpower and to work together local businesses that in exchange of the huge support received by local community.

Enjoy a sweet selection of traditional Italian cookies at Tosca Italian Gourmet in The Woodlands, Texas
Tasty pizza creations - Tosca Italian Gourmet, The Woodlands, TX
Indulgent Sacher torte featuring a luscious chocolate exterior, apricot jam, and velvety chocolate cake layers
Delicious and vibrant fruit tart from Tosca Italian Gourmet
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